A new pinhole movie project in Paris, more on Stenop.es

The second episode of our pinhole tour in Paris // More on Stenop.es

Yazd, Iran 2009

Dolls along of the Gange in Varanasi.

India, 2009.

Pinhole room in Pushkar, India, first episode of the Stenop.es saga.

   2541 Pics, 2 directors, 1 cat, 2 expulsions / Aral Sea.

Japanese Perverts during the Brasilian carnival of Asakusa.

Tokyo 2009.

         Video shot of Die Antwoord show in Paris, 2010.

Report from the Doll Tokyo Decadence Party.

Tokyo, 2009 

Full Moon Party.

Thailand, 2009

Few shots from the Aral Sea.

Uzbekistan, 2008.